Apples and Pears

April 12, 2007 at 4:20 pm (Sewing and costuming)

In the last six months, I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds due to health concerns. Naturally, none of my clothes fit anymore, so I’m going to have to buy or sew an entire new wardrobe over the course of this year. In anticipation, I refurbished my adjustable dress dummy, Niente, yesterday, and after considering my new measurements, I realized that my general silhouette has changed. I’ve always thought of myself as an hourglass figure, but as I’ve slimmed down, I’ve turned into more of an apple (top-heavy) body type.

So I got online yesterday to look for information on how to dress an apple, and discovered that there was some really crummy info out there (I don’t care how much you want to distract from your waistline, tapered pants under a top-heavy figure will make you look like a lollipop!). So I wanted to share with you the best site I found: It also includes info for pear-shaped, or bottom-heavy, women.

Another great resource is Besides offering some really gorgeous clothes designed for real women instead of scrawny models, they categorize everything according to body type, so you can search for all the dresses recommended for an your shape (click on “Z-fit shopping”), and use them as inspiration for making your own clothes or shopping. I’ve only bought from these guys once, and I wasn’t disappointed with my purchase, but that’s as far as I can go in recommending them as a vendor.

I’ll share my sewing adventures with you in this space, but in the interests of keeping my posts short, I’ll end this one here.

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