New event calendar

April 24, 2007 at 5:58 pm (Uncategorized)

There might be a better way to do this, but I’m still learning my way around here, so I’ve created a new page on this blog — you can access it at the right — with a list of craft events around Kansas City. I’ll probably only write about the ones I want to go to myself, but my goal is for the list to be as complete as possible, so check it often to see if there’s something you’re interested in that I’m not.

For example, this weekend I might go to the Kansas City Pet Expo, because I’m thinking about getting a new cat, and both my sister-in-law and best friend are also looking for new pets at the moment. That’s not technically a craft show (although you could probably clean up if you had a pet-themed craft business) so I won’t be listing it here. However, if you happen to be in the neighborhood of Sedalia, Mo., this weekend and you’re interested in gourd art, check out the Show Me Gourd Festival, which has for its theme this year “Gordgeous Groceries.” I just can’t pass up a good pun like that.

P.S. If you know of a show or if you’re a show promoter, post a comment and I’ll add your show to my list.

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