Busy weekend!

May 7, 2007 at 5:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, I wound up going to three different events this weekend (four, if you count the Independence Farmers’ Market), so I have a lot to report on!

First, a few small comments on the Miniature Fantasies show (get it? Small comments … miniature show… okay, never mind). This year’s show was in a new venue, the Intrigue Hotel on Universal Drive, next door to the Metropolitan Community College. While it was easy enough to get there, I have to say the rooms didn’t strike me as being as elegant as in previous years. I did like the way they had us walk through the exhibit room to get to the vendor hall, though. In some years, it has been hard to find the exhibit room, so I like this way better. The exhibited miniatures were alternately exquisite and whimsical, as usual, although I’d really like to know when they’re going to start setting them up higher than waist level so you can enjoy them without straining your back or your neck.

The show seemed smaller than last time, which could be because the show was cancelled last year due to a national miniature show taking up all the vendors’ time. I didn’t have a lot of time to peruse the vendor hall (which was good, as I had no money to spend, and I was sorely tempted!) because I spent a lot of time talking to my very good friend, Mary West of Daydream Creations. She’s a member of ODACA and was telling me about the joys of creating 80 souvenir dolls for their show this summer. I’m not in ODACA, but I hope she’ll send me some photos anyway, so I can share them here.

So that was Friday night. Saturday morning, after a quick trip to the Farmer’s Market, which I’ll post about later, my husband and I visited the Brookside Art Annual. It was a beautiful day, and the show was packed with visitors, which I hope made up for the fact that it poured all day Sunday. I myself got slightly sunburned, which seems crazy when you consider how wet it was yesterday and today.

The Brookside Art Fair is all in tents, and it attracts dozens of professional artists and artisans from around the region, the country and even internationally. I like to go and drool on the jewelry, but there were also sculptors, painters, photographers, glassworkers, woodworkers and at least one basketmaker. This is the big time, and I can’t afford to buy anything there, but I do enjoy looking at it all.

After that, we went to a fair in Lenexa which turned out to be a miniature version of the Ethnic Festival they have at Swope Park in August. My best friend, Dawn, was dancing with her bellydancing troupe, Siham Ali & Co., which was quite interesting to watch because one of their numbers was a veil dance and there was a gale-force wind going on. There were also performers representing Scotland and Spain (or possibly Portugal, I wasn’t close enough to hear what they said), and probably more who performed after we left. My husband and I ate our way across the food booths, indulging in cheese pie from Greece, hummus from Israel and churros from Argentina. I think the cantaloupe juice came from Ecuador. There were the cutest little girls at the Argentina booth, who very kindly explained to us about churros (which are kind of like donut sticks rolled in sugar) and dulce de leche (which, the girls explained to us, is like caramel, only not as sticky). Other booths represented India, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Lithuania. It was definitely not a bad way to spend an afternoon; kids especially would have had fun. It was a shame the show wasn’t better-attended, but then there was an awful lot going on this weekend.

I’m going to try to compile a list of Farmers’ Markets in the area, because everyone should support them if you can, and post them later. Hope you had as much fun this weekend as I did!

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  1. Eva said,

    Great blog, TR. Good to see you’re getting a little fun in between all the stress.

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