Robin Foley

May 18, 2007 at 4:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Argh, I meant to do this yesterday, but I was crazy busy all day. Here’s today’s artist.

There are two ways to approach cloth doll construction. One is to shape the doll as much as possible by the arrangement of seams in the flat pattern, while the other is to use a basic pattern and do your sculpting after the doll is sewn together and stuffed. I’m very interested in the second kind of construction, and I’m even developing my own techniques along those lines.

Robin Foley is an artist whose work follows the second mode of construction. Her work is fabulously detailed, and I know at least some of you will look at it and say, “That’s cloth??” A couple of her pieces even made me look closer for seam lines. Her web page says she studied with Jo Ellen Trilling, and I believe Trilling’s practice is to sew a very basic figure out of very stretchy material and then to needle sculpt extensively.

I find her work to be further characterized by, well, character. Each of her figures has a personality and an expression all its own. She doesn’t limit herself to humans or elves, either, but explores a wide variety of animal forms both realistic and fantasized. There’s something for everyone in her work, so check it out.

robinfoley1.jpg robinfoley3.jpg robinfoley2.jpg robinfoley5.jpg robinfoley4.jpg

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  1. Joyce Patterson-Fabric Images by Joyce « Needle and Clay said,

    […] previously talked about two kinds of dollmakers — those who work from the outside in and those who work from the inside out. Joyce Patterson […]

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