And now for something completely different

June 4, 2007 at 8:00 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve got a lot more woodsy-type dolls to show you, but today I want to take a break and talk about a more traditional doll artist.

Maciak 5 Maciak 3

Some people, upon discovering the world of doll art for the first time, think, “Whatever happened to the traditional dolls my grandmother used to collect?” Heather Maciak is the answer to that question. She began her dollmaking career in complete isolation from other doll artists, with only the pages of DollReader Magazine to guide her. The result is a thoroughly modern take on the traditional porcelain doll. Her adorable little girls, mostly limited editions, are packed with character, and their detailed costumes are completely handmade by the artist, right down to their shoes and buttons!

Maciak 4 Maciak 2 Maciak 1

These are what I call play dolls for grownups, so those of you who are entering your second childhood (or still working on the first one!) should go check out Maciak’s site.

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