Rebecca Schumacher Cox

July 31, 2007 at 3:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Cox 4  Cox 3 

Rebecca Schumacher Cox, like Patrick Keith, seems to have come to the world of dolls from the world of fantasy gaming. She started out making all hard-media figures out of Aves Apoxie Sculpt, but later began to work in the more multimedia style used by most dollmakers today. Her work is really fascinating, featuring lovely, strong-looking women and expressive men with intricate paint jobs and costumes. This versatile artist also produces paintings and pencil drawings.

Cox 7  Cox 6  Cox 2  Cox 1  Cox 5

Check out the aged bride in the lineup above. Several people have commented that at first glance, they thought this picture was a photograph of a real person. Cox seems to prefer Apoxie Sculpt, a direct-sculpt resin compound, as a medium, but the aged bride is an experiment in using Apoxie Sculpt for the armature and translucent Premo for the flesh, which provides the superior strength of the resin but the waxy finish of the polymer clay. I’ve never worked with Apoxie Sculpt myself, but now I’d sure like to.

Cox has a website, but there are also pictures in her Epilogue gallery. Cox is active in the science fiction/fantasy convention circuit and gaming circles, and sometimes collaborates with other artists, as in the mermaid above, who lives in a hand-blown glass bowl.


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The big day is coming!

July 20, 2007 at 4:53 pm (Uncategorized)

In honor of tomorrow’s release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I’m posting some Harry Potter dolls today.

Vulkanette 1 Vulkanette 2 Vulkanette 5 Vulkanette 4 Vulkanette 3 Vulkanette 6

This artist calls herself Vulkanette on Deviantart, and it’s not clear if she made these alone or if her husband collaborated with her. Her name is Irene and her husband is William, and they seem to be German or Dutch, but beyond that I haven’t been able to discover much. Their work includes paintings, sculpture, costume and a Star Trek fan movie, and much of it centers on Star Trek or Harry Potter fandom. Her dolls above are almost eerily realistic renditions of the movie characters. He’s not my favorite character, but I just love her Remus Lupin! Above you’ll also find two versions of Snape, Mad-Eye Moody, a Thestral and Fawkes the phoenix.

WeasleyGirl 07 WeasleyGirl 06 WeasleyGirl 08

WeasleyGirl 09 WeasleyGirl 05 WeasleyGirl 04

WeasleyGirl 03 WeasleyGirl 02 WeasleyGirl 01

WeasleyGirl12 works in style that some people are beginning to adopt for illustrations in polymer clay. She has more work than I could include here on her DeviantArt page, so go check it out. What you see here are her versions of Harry from Goblet of Fire; Lucius Malfoy (probably also from GoF, judging by his costume); Snape; Sirius Black; a tableau called “Potions Accident;” Luna Lovegood, complete with radish earrings; Harry as a baby with his dad, James; Professor Slughorn and Harry from Half-Blood Prince; and Tom Riddle.

She has such a cute style; I’ve been wanting to develop that technique myself.

Worry dolls

And finally: Worried about the fate of your favorite trio? Kelayrel on offers Harry Potter worry dolls. According to Guatemalan tradition, you put the dolls under your pillow and they worry for you, so you can sleep better.

Happy Harry Potter Day!

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Scott Radke

July 10, 2007 at 4:42 pm (Halloween/creepy or goth) (, , )

Radke 8

I’m sending off my doll club’s entry to our Halloween show today, so it feels appropriate to blog about Scott Radke.

A talented painter, Radke turned from murals to sand sculpture a few years ago, and from there to sculpting what he calls “marionettes.” His work has that creepy-strange quality that’s so popular in certain quarters these days, both repellent and fascinating. While other people make mermaids and fairies, he makes sea monsters and weird human-headed animals.

Somewhere I have a graphic design book that includes a color palette based on the colors found in dead bodies. Radke captures that palette perfectly and combines it with traditionally creepy details, like pointy hats and black-and-white stripes. I wonder what Halloween is like at his house…

Radke 7 Radke 6 Radke5 Radke 3 Radke 2 Radke1

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Virginie Ropars — Doll couture

July 6, 2007 at 12:47 am (Uncategorized)

Ropars 8

Sometimes I run across a doll artist who just seems to have it all. Virginie Ropars is one such artist. Besides being a fabulous doll artist, she has a background in computer graphics, which shows in the fact that she has the coolest web site I’ve blogged about so far. Her figures (she’s another one who doesn’t make “dolls”) have lovely, evocative faces which are in some cases nearly crowded out by their complicated, high-fashion costumes. I adore the gesture of the witch above, casually adjusting her hat as she zooms around on her broomstick. Ropars’ figures are just the right mix of fantasy and realism, with a healthy dose of runway-worthy costumes added in. There is nothing here to dislike.

Ropars 9 Ropars 7 Ropars 6 Ropars 5 Ropars 4 Ropars 3 Ropars 2 Ropars 1

I had a bit of trouble with the animation on her website in my Firefox browser, but my other browser (AOL, which I think is Netscape) didn’t have any problems. I love the eerie effect of the doll face blinking at you. Some people just have it all.

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Joanna Thomas

July 4, 2007 at 3:41 am (Uncategorized)

Thomas 1

“Hauntingly beautiful” is how I would describe Joanna Thomas’ work. A portrait painter turned dollmaker, Thomas sculpts soulful little girls with wispy hair and rich costumes. Though up close, some of her pieces look a little unfinished or impressionistic, they can’t help but arouse powerful emotions in the viewer. A visitor to her website left a comment saying that she was moved to tears, and these pieces make me long for a little girl of my own someday. Her dolls represent the kind of childhood we all wish we’d had, “when all things within us were good,” as she states on her obsolete AOL website. Most of her pictures can be found on her new website, including galleries for her fairies, ballerinas, storybook characters, and girls with their equally-engaging pets. Check out her work, but keep a box of face tissues nearby.

Thomas 6 Thomas 5 Thomas 4 Thomas 3 Thomas 2

EDIT: You can also find Thomas’ work on DeviantArt.

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