September 30, 2007 at 4:54 am (Halloween/creepy or goth)

Obligatory disclaimer: I’ve got an Etsy shop of my own, but half of the fun of Etsy is people promoting each other’s art, so here goes.

You may have seen my pumpkinhead pins in an earlier post. Well, recently I was perusing Etsy and noticed that I’m not the only one doing jack-o-lanterns this time of year. I was going to make an Etsy treasury, but they were all full, so I decided to post them here instead. I’m sure there are many more fabulous pumpkin sculptures on Etsy, but I only have room for these:

CLB Creations has added this goofy pumpkin to her lineup of silly dragons and humorous aliens. What character! He looks like he just swallowed his candle!

CLB Creations.etsy (pumpkins)

Just in time for Halloween, artTherapy has decided to break into the world of needle sculpting with a bushel of charming pumpkins of various sizes and colors. Very cute.

artTherapy (pumpkins)

Moogancreations ‘s shop full of “craft related mishaps” is like a rogue’s gallery from another planet. She describes the process of creating this needlefelted pumpkin as “stabbing wool roving repeatedly with tiny sharp needles to create a mass of ghoulish delight.” You can almost hear the poor gourd screaming…

Moogancreations (pumpkins)

“Clyde the Pumpkin Boy” is a lively offering from faeryspellcreations. Her shop is filled with fairy-themed hats, dolls, bags and masks, but Clyde and his friends Mollie and Hattie are definitely my favorites.

Faeryspellcreations (pumpkins)

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