Russian Plushies — Taniusha Stepanian

April 25, 2008 at 4:06 pm (Uncategorized)

A Tale About a Little Bear Learning to Fly

Normally I don’t feature plushies, which is the modern term for “stuffed animals,” but this artist really caught my imagination.

Apparently based in Moscow, Taniusha Stepanian doesn’t have much of a web presence besides her Flickr account, but I recommend having a look at it. Her darling plushies and dolls are like ragged but much-loved toys made by little children out of the scraps from Mommy’s sewing table. Most of them are either needle-felted or sewn felt incorporating beads, buttons, wire and lace. She does have a few hard-media dolls, which appear to represent more than one style, perhaps as the artist has grown over the years.

What I love the most are the story-telling titles of each piece. At the top of this post is one called “A Tale About a Little Bear Learning to Fly,” and  below (on the left) is “Dreaming about Unicorns.”

Dreaming of Unicorns

Mini creatures The Cat\'s House

Above is “The Cat’s House” and a detail showing all the tiny creatures Stepanian made to put in the cat’s pockets. Such lovely attention to detail. I wish I knew more about how they were constructed.

And these are her hard-media dolls. The ones above seem to be polymer clay and represent a more traditional style which reminds me a little of Italian puppets. The doll above on the right is called “Self-Portrait”.

Below are her more modern-styled dolls, which I find even more charming than the ones above. “RedHood” and “A Girl and Autumn” are their names. I love their little costumes!

A Girl and Autumn

I hope we hear more about this artist as her career continues. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said,

    Ohhh these are so wonderful! Her self-portrait dolls do seem to be made of polymer clay and have a fantastic Russian Folk art look to them. I also LOVE the tiny little dolls that go into the cats pocket! So charming and beautifully made!

  2. thessalyrose said,

    So sorry for the delay — I just rescued your comment from my spam filter! But, yes, I really want to hear the fairy tale that “A Girl and Autumn” would be from.

    Thanks for commenting!

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