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As a former English major, I admire a ten-dollar word like the one above, which was invented by Meredith Dittmar to describe her imaginative figurative sculptures. I’ve admired her work ever since I first came across her on PolymerClayDaily, but her latest offerings take things to the next level.

Dittmar 5 Dittmar 4 Dittmar 3

She started out sculpting her “Guys,” goofy little monsters in vivid colors, and selling them on eBay, several years ago. As time went on, her pieces developed environments and graffiti-inspired backgrounds, and this new group makes use of a sophisticated color palette. If you take the time to ponder them, you can see deep meanings in her work, having to do with the connections between life and the relationships of people with each other and their surroundings, but the amazing thing is that despite all that heavy stuff, it still makes me smile. At the end of the day, that’s all I hope for from my own work: to make people smile.

Dittmar is a “real” artist, as in one who shows in galleries and actually earns money doing her work, and I don’t know if you can call what she does “dolls,” but what the heck. To learn more about Dittmar, you can view a page about her most recent show at Compound Gallery in Seattle, or you can visit her adorable Flash site or read this article about her artistic process.

I’d like to thank Cynthia Tinapple for her fantastic blog,, since I collected most of the info for this blog entry from there.


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