Alice and Wednesday

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I get why Wednesday Addams is so often represented by goth-type dollmakers, but I don’t really get Alice in Wonderland. I guess that could be because I’ve never read the book.

In any case, today I bring you a selection of gorgeous, dreamy, big eyed Wednesdays and Alices.

Joanna Thomas’ work has graced these pages before, but I have to mention her if I’m going to blog about Alice in Wonderland. Her devotion to this subject has produced at least three dreamy interpretations of Alice, each with Thomas’ exquisite expression and meticulous attention to detail.

Gail Lackey has been a big name in the doll scene for a while, and I think her Wednesday is the sweetest one I’ve seen. She has Lackey’s characteristic adorable face, but look at the detail in the headless doll’s costume. Gorgeous. (I don’t know if you can see this link without joining The Fairy Society, which you should do anyway, but it seems to be the biggest collection of Lackey’s work available online for now.)

I’ll bet you didn’t even know people did makeovers of My LIttle Ponies, but if DeviantArt is any indication, there’s a brisk trade in them. Lisa Stanley is a prolific My Little Pony artist, and her whimsical take on Wednesday Addams includes a perfectly competent headless doll with jointed arms and legs.

Michelle Bradshaw, aka Pixiwillow, deserves her own feature in this space someday. She’s probably best known for her fantastic dollhouse-scale fairies which sell on eBay for a lot more money than I can afford. Her interpretation of Alice in Wonderland’s trippy cast is just like the rest of her work: sensitively proportioned, unbelievably realistic for something so tiny, but, most importantly, beautiful.

Bradshaw has a Wednesday Addams, too:

“Let’s Play with Dolls,” it’s called. I love the slightly alarmed expression on the dolly’s face.

Have a great weekend!


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